FDA State Team Championship Results - 1999

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1431Broward County Darting Association #1$ 2,000.00
2423Central Florida Darting Association$ 1,000.00
3414Spacecoast Darting Association #1$ 500.00
4400Treasure Coast Darting Association$ 350.00
5385Palm Beach County Darting Association$ 300.00
6374Marion County English Dart League$ 250.00
7372Broward County Darting Association #2$ 200.00
8351Tuesday Dart League of Sarasota 
9344Lakeland Area Dart Association 
10337Hernando County Dart Association 
11336Tallahassee Darting Association 
12334Miami Dade Darting Association 
13321Spacecoast Darting Association #2 
14318South Palm Beach Dart League 
15294Tampa Bay Dart Association 
16250Alachua County Darting Association 
17248Myaka River Dart Association 
18245Pasco County Darting Association 
19243Manatee County Dart Organization 
20242Venice Island Dart Organization 
21216Highland County Dart Association 
22215North County Darters Unlimited 
23192Northeast Florida Darting Association 
24169Bay Area Darters 
Sportsmanship Award: CRDA
Ton80'sTon20+ outTon60+ OutTon70 Out

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