FDA State Team Championship Results - 2001

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1525Broward County Darting Association #1$ 2,000.00
2499Levy County Darting Association$ 1,000.00
3480Palm Beach County Darting Association #1$ 550.00
4480Sarasota Dart Association$ 550.00
5465Broward County Darting Association #2$ 400.00
6464Tallahassee Darting Association$ 350.00
7452Spacecoast Darting Association #1$ 300.00
8447Myaka River Dart Association$ 250.00
9436Central Florida Darting Association$ 200.00
10419Spacecoast Darting Association #2 
11399Pasco County Darting Association 
12394Miami Dade Darting Association 
13392Treasure Coast Darting Association 
14359Bay Area Darters 
15333Highland County Dart Association 
16332Alachua County Darting Association 
17329Orlando Pub Dart League 
18328Palm Beach County Dart Association #2 
19327Tampa Bay Dart Association 
20323North County Darters Unlimited 
21310South Palm Beach Dart League 
22304Brandon Area Dart Association 
23295Venice Island Dart Organization 
24285Marion County English Dart League 
25269Lakeland Area Dart Association 
26260Tuesday Dart League of Sarasota 
27191Manatee County Dart Organization 
28109Conch Republic Dart Association 
Sportsmanship Award: CRDU
Ton80'sTon20+ outTon60+ OutTon70 Out

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