FDA State Team Championship Results - 2009

Last modified on: July 22 2013 20:14:49.
1407Central Florida Darting Association$ 2,000.00
2404Tuesday Dart League of Sarasota$ 1,000.00
3402Southwest Florida Dart Association #1$ 600.00
4390Spacecoast Darting Association #1$ 400.00
5360Tallahassee Darting Association$ 260.00
6357Broward County Darting Association #1$ 200.00
7345Citrus Dart Association$140.00
8339Volusia County Dart Association  
9331Brandon Area Dart Association 
10316Hernando County Dart Association 
11292St Lucie County Darting Association 
12291Southwest Florida Dart Association #2 
13281Bay Area Darters 
14256Spacecoast Darting Association #2 
14256Tampa Bay Dart Association 
16254North County Darters Unlimited 
17248Broward County Darting Association #2 
18241Northest Florida Dart Association 
19228Miami Dade Darting Association 
20226Charlotte County Dart Association  
21216Highland County Dart Association 
22203South Palm Beach Dart League 
23188Palm Beach County Dart Association 
Sportsmanship Award: NCDU
Ton80'sTon70 outRound of 96 Corks

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